A Coffee Story


In the beginning…

In 1985, the Company began initially as just a trader and distributor of coffee powder. To manage control of taste profile and process, the Company not only import various origins of coffees beans but has undertaken the task of roasting our own beans for our products. Gold Kili is well-known for our own unique blend of traditional coffee powder.

For the traditional/local coffee scene, Gold Kili supply our distinctive blend of:-

  • Coffee Powder (various grades)
  • 100% Ceylon Tea Dust
  • Chinese Tea
  • Chocolate Drink
  • Honey Chrysanthemum
  • Ginger Drink and more.

As Goldkili has navigated this market for over 30 years, we are extremely experienced and able to supply most of the beverages required at your establishments (local coffee shop, café, bistro etc).

For all business enquiries, please contact our friendly Supervisors on their mobile – numbers:

9129 7329 / 9129 45269012 3264




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